We have been receiving a lot of calls about ZipForms renewals. Please see below the message that was sent out to everyone previously. You can also call ZipForms directly 586-840-0140″We have received questions regarding an upcoming renewal for zipForm Edition and you may have as well.

Please see the information below and feel free to share this with your members. You will be receiving the following notice from Lone Wolf Technologies. If you need assistance or have any other questions, please reach out to Lone Wolf Technologies at zipsupport@lwolf.com. We’re writing to remind you of an upcoming renewal for Transactions (zipForm Edition), the member benefit from NAR provided to you at no cost. The platform requires you to go through a renewal process each year. This year, that renewal is occurring on Thursday, October 1.

PLEASE NOTE: your North Carolina Transactions (zipForm Edition) account will expire on Thursday, October 1 if it is not renewed prior to this day. When renewing your account, your cart will auto-populate with the items you have (or have purchased in the past), as well as the associated cost for these items. Again, Transactions (zipForm Edition) is provided as a member benefit at no cost, so there is no cost to renew the platform.

If, however, you have purchased an add-on feature in the past or are currently using an add-on feature, you will see that item in your cart as chargeable. If you no longer want this item, then you can simply hit the red ‘x’ and it will remove the item from your cart. If you are simply renewing your member benefit with no add-on features, then you should see a zero balance in your cart. If you need assistance or have any other questions, please reach out to us at zipsupport@lwolf.com. Thank you, Lone Wolf Technologies