Chartered November 12, 1946, The Longleaf Pine REALTORS®, Inc. is a professional trade association serving the interests of over 1,400 REALTOR® members and business professionals.
A real estate agent is a REALTOR® when he or she is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, The Voice for Real Estate® — the world’s largest professional association.  Founded in 1908, NAR has grown from its original nucleus of 120 to over one million members today. NAR is comprised of REALTORS® who are involved in residential and commercial real estate as brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors and others engaged in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Each REALTOR® member of the Longleaf Pine REALTORS® is also a member of the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the tools and resources for our members to succeed.

Our Vision Statement

To provide trusted leadership by promoting the highest level of professionalism and ethics among our members ensuring their respect and success within the community.



Each year the Longleaf Pine REALTORS®, Inc. gives various awards to our members. Theses awards honor REALTORS® for achievements such as outstanding service to the Association and the community, scholastic achievements, and outstanding service during the first year of being a REALTOR®.

President’s Award

This award is given to the member who has contributed the most outstanding service to the Association.

2011 Jay Dowdy
2011 David Evans
2011 Philip Guy
2011 Wendy Harris
2011 Holly Hulse
2011 Peggy Manning
2011 Zan Monroe
2011 MAD Moving
2011 Doug Nunnally
2011 Chet Oehme
2011 Ken Schultz
2011 Harry Sherrill
2011 James Sherrill
2011 Jane Skipper-Priest
2010 Officers, Directors, & Association Staff
2009 David Evans
2009 Zan Monroe
2009 Chet Oehme
2009 Rusty Russell
2009 Ken Schultz
2009 Jimmy Townsend
2008 Jane Cannon
2008 Angie Hedgepeth
2008 Billy Hylton
2008 Mike Lallier
2008 Debbie McFayden
2008 Jimmy Townsend
2007 Steve Cohen
2007 Jan Norris
2007 Jimmy Townsend
2006 Ginny Russell
2006 Rusty Russell
2005 Willie Snow
2002 Lee Warren
2001 Jimmy Townsend

REALTOR® of the Year Award

This award is given each year to the member who has contributed the most outstanding service to the Association and the community.

Year Recipient
2015 Wendy Harris
2014 Doug Nunnally
2013 Cheryl Spears
2012 Scott Hardin
2011 David Evans
2010 Jay Dowdy
2009 Henry Spell
2008 Steve Cohen
2007 Judy Russell
2006 Mitchell Graham
2005 Rusty Russell
2004 Chet Oehme
2003 Phil Guy
2002 Willie Snow
2001 Bob Measamer
2000 Jimmy Townsend
1999 Harry Sherrill
1998 John Holdren
1997 Ralph Huff
1996 John Spiesberger
1995 Ginny Russell
1994 Suzanne Pennink
1993 Carolyn Boose
1992 Laynie Beck
1991 Patricia Isaacson
1990 Phil Flynn
1989 Renee Edge
1988 Mayon Weeks, Jr.
1987 Bob Ervin
1986 Ethel Clark
1985 Sarah Gonzales
1984 Fred Best
1983 David Green
1982 Dave McMillan
1982 Robbie Hale
1981 L. D. Jones
1980 Charlie Brindel

Sarah Gonzales “Rookie of the Year” Award

This award is given each year for outstanding service during the first year of being a REALTOR®.

2015 Ruben Garcia
2011 Maggie Chussler
2010 Queen Wheeler
2005 Cindy Bruce
2001 Susan Azzarelli
2000 Tonya Cody

Affiliate of the Year Award

This award will be given each year to an Affiliate member/company who provides continuous and unselfish support to the Association.

2015 Michelle Shortsleeve-Garcia – Movement Mortgage
2014 Bill McMillian – The Re-Store Warehouse, Inc.
2013 Peggy Manning – Real Estate Book, Retired
2012 Marshall Williams – Mad Moving
Past Presidents

President Name

Rosemary Buerger 2019
Lisa Geddie
Jay Dowdy
David Evans 2016
Queen Wheeler
James Sherrill 2014
Wendy Harris 2013
Doug Nunally 2012
Willie Snow 2011
Dave Evans 2010
Jay Dowdy 2009
Henry Spell 2008
Rusty Russell 2007
Judy Russell 2006
Mitchell Graham 2005
Phil Guy 2004
Jimmy Townsend 2003
Steve Cohen 2002
Peggy Daniel 2001
Johnnie Hall 2000
Chet Oehme 1999
Carolyn Boose 1998
Tom Daniel 1997
Laynie Beck 1996
Harry Sherrill 1995
Ginny Russell 1994
Ralph Huff 1993
Suzanne Pennink 1992
Swayne Hamlet 1991
Bob West 1990
Curt Hardee 1989
John Koenig 1988
Larry Strother 1987
Sarah Gonzales 1986
Bob Ervin 1985
Bob Measamer 1984
Mayon Weeks, Jr 1983
Fred Best 1982
David Green 1981
L.D. Jones 1980