Click on a tab below to view our current list of directors and officers for the Longleaf Pine REALTORS®. The officers and board of directors are responsible for governing the association and are chosen to represent the members of LLPR. The Board of Directors is responsible for the ultimate direction of the management of the affairs of the Association.

Name Position
Laurie Linder President
David Sattelmeyer President-Elect
Megan Gerber Vice President Education
Melissa McKinney Vice President Public Relations
Amanda Martin Vice President Membership
Chet Oheme Secretary/Treasurer
Name Position
Rosemary Buerger 1 Year Past President
Michelle Morris 1 Year MLS Chairman
Willie Snow Director (1 Year)
Gene Cooper Director (3 Years)
Alan Tucker Director (2 Years)
Jimmy Townsend Director (1 Year)
Jay Dowdy Director (3 Years)
David Zeitz Director (3 Years)
Shane Cox (Sanford)


Name Position
Shane Cox President
Chris Tacia President-Elect
Kathy Woodell Director
Travis Brafford Director
Celis O’Quinn Past President


Laurie Linder
David Sattelmeyer
Jimmy Townsend
David Zeitz