The Longleaf Pine REALTORS® has a helpful and dedicated staff who provide support to the association and its members. The staff of the Longleaf Pine Realtors® is made up of a team of experienced professionals who play a large role in fulfilling the goals, plans and vision of the association. There is no doubt that the staff of LLPR is just as important as its members. 


Zan Monroe, Chief Executive Officer: 910-323-1421 zan@zanmonroe.com


Jane Cannon, Director of Operations:910-323-1421 jcannon@longleafpinerealtors.com



Debbie McFayden, MLS Director/Professional Standards:910-323-1421 debbie@longleafpinerealtors.com

  Stephany Ayerbe, Member Services Director: 910-323-1421 stephany@longleafpinerealtors.com

Bianca Duffy, Communications Coordinator:910-323-1421 communications@longleafpinerealtors.com

  Ashlyn Irizarry, Member Services Coordinator: 910-323-1421 memberservices@longleafpinerealtors.com

Angie Hedgepeth, Government Affairs Director: 910-323-1421 angie@longleafpinerealtors.com